My name is Laura and I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in public relations (I will graduate May 2013!) and I just finished a certificate in Irish Studies.  I’m keenly interested in communication studies, particularly when it comes to cross-cultural and international communication.

In addition to this, here are the basics about me: I love to read almost anything that isn’t assigned to me (very hard to come by these days!), I enjoy writing, amateur photography, traveling and learning about different cultures.  I have a passion for music and anything involving chocolate.  I am a nerd for history and I hate for my food to touch.  I’m sorry, just because “it’s all going to the same place” is no reason to mix it up prior to ingestion.  I prefer mountains and forests to beaches, which thankfully, makes me an unlikely member of the cast of Jersey Shore.  I take human rights seriously and I am a serious animal lover, even though my stint with vegetarianism was short-lived.  I am an advocate for libraries and I abhor censorship. John was my favorite Beatle, I play the flute, I think the Muppets are brilliant, and I know every line of Three Amigos, Spaceballs, and Coming to America.  Ahhhh, the classics never die.

I was previously an air traffic controller in the US Air Force, and before that I was a music director and disc jockey at 91.1 FM in Starkville, Miss. I have worked profit and non-profit public relations in private businesses and organizations and I have a huge interest in editing and publishing. I am a proud aunt to three boys under the age of six and I am a founder and reviewer for Cosmic Twins Media (www.cosmictwinsmedia.com).

I am currently a freelance communication professional; if you need help with your long and short term communication goals, please contact me at lkmcphail@gmail.com.

If you have gotten this far, kudos to you and thanks so much!  Please come back regularly to hear my rants and raves about the public relations industry and the current trends in media relations.


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