Join Me!

“Words are flowing out, like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they slip their way across the universe.”  –opening lyrics from Across the Universe, Lennon/McCartney (but lets face it, all Lennon, and absolutely no Fiona Apple!)

I think the words of this song apply in a round about way to public relations.  Our industry is constantly putting out messages, images, and communications that join the countless others that came before it in an effort to connect with their publics, and eventually make more money.  But when these words are put out there, are they reaching their intended targets and achieving their intended goals?  Or are they just sucked into a black hole somewhere out there in obscurity?  Or, as I suspect happens more often than not, do they get squished into our subconscious and silently influence us in our day to day interactions and decisions?

Join me as I take a look across the public relations universe* to see what is currently trending in the pr and media relations industries…the good, the bad and the ugly of our communications world today.  I’ll attempt to take current PR issues and make sense of them, or more likely, raise additional questions regarding the barrage of information we are all subjected to on a daily basis in our media-driven society.  I encourage debate and sharing information, so please drop by often to comment or share.  However, if you choose to participate in the conversation, please try to remain respectful of others’ opinions.  Especially mine.  No, just kidding, just keep it peaceful folks!  Enjoy!

*Note:  I have a tendency to weave random Beatles song titles and the occasional obscure movie or tv quote into pretty much anything.


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